Commit eb3a7905 authored by Ali Rıza's avatar Ali Rıza

alpine python3.6 image ships with python3.6 dev packages, change dockerfile accordingly

parent 3330b5bf
FROM python:3.6-alpine
RUN apt-get install -y python3.6-dev
RUN apk add --no-cache \
git \
openssh-client \
python-dev \
gcc \
g++ \
linux-headers \
musl-dev \
python3-dev \
RUN pip install flake8==3.5.0 flake8-docstrings==1.3.0 pylint==2.0.0 bandit==1.4.0 mypy pyinstaller
RUN mkdir -p /opt/beiran/beiran
ADD beiran/requirements.txt /opt/beiran/r-lib.txt
RUN pip install -r /opt/beiran/r-lib.txt
ADD plugins/beiran_discovery_dns/requirements.txt /opt/beiran/r-dns.txt
RUN pip install -r /opt/beiran/r-dns.txt
ADD plugins/beiran_discovery_zeroconf/requirements.txt /opt/beiran/r-zeroconf.txt
RUN pip install -r /opt/beiran/r-zeroconf.txt
ADD plugins/beiran_package_docker/requirements.txt /opt/beiran/r-docker.txt
RUN pip install -r /opt/beiran/r-docker.txt
#ADD plugins/beiran_interface_k8s/requirements.txt /opt/beiran/r-k8s.txt
#RUN pip install -r /opt/beiran/r-k8s.txt
ADD [ ".", "/opt/beiran/pyinstaller" ]
RUN pip install pyinstaller
ADD beiran /opt/beiran/beiran
ADD plugins /opt/beiran/plugins
ADD pyinstaller /opt/beiran/installer
ENV PYTHONPATH=/opt/beiran:/opt/beiran/plugins
WORKDIR /opt/beiran/pyinstaller
RUN pyinstaller beiran_installer.spec --clean --log-level DEBUG -y
RUN cp /opt/beiran/pyinstaller/build/beiran_installer/beiran /usr/local/bin/beiran
VOLUME /var/lib/beiran
VOLUME /etc/beiran
CMD ["beiran", "--help"]
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