Commit bc91b4d8 authored by Furkan Mustafa's avatar Furkan Mustafa

beiran.cli: show progress by default

parent a5a8bbb6
......@@ -60,21 +60,21 @@ def image():
help='Waits result of pulling image')
@click.option('--force', 'force', default=False, is_flag=True,
help='Forces download of image even if the node is not recognised')
@click.option('--progress', 'progress', default=False, is_flag=True,
help='Show image transfer progress')
@click.option('--noprogress', 'noprogress', default=False, is_flag=True,
help='Disable image transfer progress display')
@click.option('--whole-image-only', 'whole_image_only', default=False, is_flag=True,
help='Pull an image from other node (not each layer)')
# pylint: disable-msg=too-many-arguments
def image_pull(ctx, node: str, wait: bool, force: bool, progress: bool,
def image_pull(ctx, node: str, wait: bool, force: bool, noprogress: bool,
whole_image_only: bool, imagename: str):
"""Pull a container image from cluster or repository"""
'Pulling image %s from %s!' % (imagename, node or "available nodes"))
if progress:
if not noprogress:
if whole_image_only:
progbar = MultipleProgressBar(desc=imagename)
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