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docs: fix wrong parts in installation doc

parent f85b045e
......@@ -303,6 +303,7 @@ docstring_replacements = {
"{beiran_git_latest_release}": "{}".format(latest_release_version),
"{latest_binary_download}": latest_binary_download,
"{docker_main_repo}": docker_main_repo,
"{latest_release_version}": latest_release_version,
......@@ -38,20 +38,19 @@ docker repository address is::
Please **do not forget** to add suitable tag for your need:
- `stable` for latest stable,
- `x.y.z` for version x.y.z,
- `latest` or none for master development branch.
- `stable` for latest stable, (not yet)
- `vx.y.z` for version x.y.z
Generally you do::
$ docker pull {docker_main_repo}:stable
$ docker run --name beiran {docker_main_repo}:stable --version
$ docker pull {docker_main_repo}:{latest_release_version}
$ docker run --name beiran {docker_main_repo}:{latest_release_version} [COMMAND] [SUB-COMMAND...]
Entrypont of image is `beiran`, therefore you do not need to repeat `beiran` while running.
You are supposed to add arguments, subcommands or parameters. So an equivalent command
of `beiran node list`::
$ docker run --name beiran --rm {docker_main_repo}:stable node list
$ docker run --name beiran --rm {docker_main_repo}:{latest_release_version} node list
.. warning:: You can build your own docker image by using `Dockerfile` that you
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