Commit 89f18249 authored by Hilal Ozdemir's avatar Hilal Ozdemir

bug fix: fix tar-split path in Dockerfile and .gitlab-ci.yml

parent 4d262fb9
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ start_test_services:
- |
for node in beiran1 beiran2 beiran3 beiran4 beiran5 beiran6 beiran7
docker cp $HOME/tar-split $(docker-compose ps -q $node):/opt/beiran/plugins/beiran_package_docker/beiran_package_docker/tar-split
docker cp $HOME/tar-split $(docker-compose ps -q $node):/opt/beiran_package_docker/beiran_package_docker/tar-split
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ COPY beiran /opt/beiran/beiran
COPY /opt/beiran/
COPY /opt/beiran/
COPY plugins/beiran_package_docker /opt/beiran_package_docker/
COPY --from=tar-split-builder /tar-split /opt/beiran/plugins/beiran_package_docker/beiran_package_docker/tar-split
COPY --from=tar-split-builder /tar-split /opt/beiran_package_docker/beiran_package_docker/tar-split
WORKDIR /opt/beiran
RUN python install
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