Commit 87391a58 authored by Furkan Mustafa's avatar Furkan Mustafa

Merge branch '289-request-error-incorrect-layers' into 'dev-0.0.9'

Resolve "request to an endpoint of incorrect layers"

See merge request !30
parents 81dc6061 d7abfd74
......@@ -385,7 +385,10 @@ class DockerPackaging(BasePackagePlugin): # pylint: disable=too-many-instance-a
# skip verbose updates of records
if not skip_updating_layer:
for layer in layers:
# 'available_at' field is set if the node has the layer in cache directory
# fix this code if we can create traball from docker storage
if layer.cache_path:
self.log.debug("image layers updated, record updated.. %s \n\n", layer.to_dict())
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